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TruSpace Homes is a subsidiary of Ramky Estates and Farms, which aims to carve a niche for affordable homes without any compromise on quality. Careful and considerate conceptualization and planning goes into the development of each project. TruSpace Homes are designed with utmost efficiency to ensure every square foot is functional and adds value.

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Transforming the way real estate is perceived has always been one of the prominent goals of Ramky Estates & Farms Limited. With over 25 years invested in creating standout projects that are an embodiment of the latest technology, award-winning designs and awe-inspiring architecture, Ramky Estates have established a legacy of being the most trustworthy builders. Spreading smiles by providing dream homes to numerous customers has been our greatest achievement. Building with heart and building it smart is a way of life at Ramky.

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TruSpace operates with highest integrity in delivering exceptional services to residents, property owners and investors. Our unwavering focus on people and relationships has defined our culture with a strong value system. The very same character has ensured convenient location, sophisticated amenities, great interiors and impressive living for the customers of TruSpace.


TruSpace Aspire

Balanagar, Hyderabad

402 Units
3 Blocks


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TruSpace is on a mission to break the myth associated with affordable housing.

Right Location - Rising Value

TruSpace Homes is here to put an end to the presumption that affordable housing implies living on the outskirts of the city. Our projects are strategically located in popular areas of the city with good connectivity and rising property value.

Matchless Quality - Timeless Homes

Shattering the misconception that affordable homes compromise on quality, we at TruSpace Homes are here to set an example. We strive to maintain superior quality, resulting in the creation of stunning homes that stand the test of time.

Rich Amenities - Vibrant Lifestyle

A common assumption among Homebuyers - ‘Affordable housing equals mediocre lifestyle’. Here come TruSpace Homes to prove them wrong! Our homes are equipped with the best of amenities that exceed customer expectations and make for a truly vibrant lifestyle.

Economical Houses - Elegant Homes

Can affordable homes be aesthetically appealing too? A big YES! Though affordability is the cornerstone of TruSpace Homes, we leave no stone unturned in creating elegant homes that are a true testament to our vision of providing a holistic living for all.